To connect PowerConf B600 to a computer, please follow these steps:


1. Connect the video bar to a computer using the provided USB-C to USB-C cable (or other Anker USB-C to USB-C cables with a length of less than 2 m and a transfer speed of 480 mbps).


2. Connect the video bar to a power supply using the provided power adapter (or a USB wall charger with an output of at least 5V/2A).


3. Open the software you want to use with the video bar. The LED indicator will turn blue when communication software (such as Zoom) is using its microphone or camera.



1. The USB-A port can only support Anker's wireless headphones (such as the PowerConf H700) with a USB receiver. You can pair your headphones with the video bar for the best experience.


2. The LED indicator will flash red if the power adapter is connected to the data port by mistake.